I'm Here

I arrived in LAX (have to call the city by its airport code) last night. Even though it was a little late, I wanted to meet Danielle. She came by the hotel and we visited for a while. Y’all…. She is SO cute! She is really tiny and has the best skin. Maybe hanging around Danielle will motivate me to workout more.

Today I finished work a little early. I met Danielle for shopping and we had the famous Pinkberry. It was so much fun. I’m completely fascinated with LAX. It’s really cute (the places Danielle has shown me) and the weather is absolutely fabulous! Last night my rental car said it was 62 degrees. That is amazing!

I have to work so I won’t see Danielle again until Friday night. I also get to meet Kate from Nautical by Nature! Yay…

Oh, my hotel tonight doesn’t have the Bravo channel. I’m going to miss Project Runway. Oh well, maybe I can catch a rerun at my next hotel and I did DVR it at home. Why is it that every hotel is catered toward men???? They always have the Golf channel and at least 4 ESPN channels. The mini bar is always stocked with whiskey and mixed nuts… GROSS! Women travel for work too. How about including the Lifetime channel, HGTV, the Food Network, Oxygen, Bravo, and E! I’ve heard some hotels are considering creating floors just for women~ complete with bubble bath in the bathroom, fresh flowers, a lounge where you can have a drink in peace, and girl television channels. I’ve never actually seen one of these hotels, maybe someday…

I would be so excited if my hotel room had flowers, a pretty bed, and Bravo.


Danielle said...

You forgot to mention my sparkling personality :)

My skin is complicated and I'm not tiny, but thank you? Clearly I suck at the complement thing.

And to everyone who reads this...

Hey y'all. (had to throw that in ther for you) :) Jill is ADORABLE and she's fun & sweet too!

Favorite moment was when you asked if Jess would think you had an accent.


Kate said...

Ooh I can't wait for Friday night!
I am most definitely not tiny (I'm 5'11) so hopefully Danielle isn't that tiny! I guess it will be easier to find me on Friday night ;)

Amy C said...

Yea...I'm glad you're already having fun!!! I LOVE the photo booth pix of you and Danielle! Dude, that idea of hotel floors for women is awesome! Something else you forgot about hotels and men...the PORN channels that are only naked women and fully clothed men...what gives!!??? BTW...thanks so much fro my motivational comment on my 'nerves' post...it helped :-) Oh yea...and thanx for my greeting card...you know I love mail!!!

Jill said...

I am so honored that you checked out our blog!! Thank you for your post!! I was guessing it was only out of town family and a few friends that still took a look now and then!
JEALOUS that you are out meeting THE DANIELLE and having fun!! (See what parenthood does to you..HEE HEE!)

Amy C said...

I left a reply to your message on my post.

amazeingteacher said...

great idea, i'd definately stay in that hotel room! if you are ever in nashville, let me know!!

Maria said...

Amen sistah!! Maybe I can change careers and you and I can open up a marketing business for hotels to begin catering to women!! There is definitely a demand for it!
I'm so jealous that you're in LAX and you get to play at Dinsey Land!!! Maybe one day.
Miss you!!!

Jules said...


I am a friend of Danielle's. Your blog is adorable.

I have never met Danielle but I have always marvelled at how great her skin is and I am quite sure she is tiny. She just doesn't see herself properly. : )

If you'd like an invite to my blog, e-mail me. julesb33@yahoo.com Give Danielle a hug for me tonight.