Another Week in L.A.

Last week I worked in the L.A. area for the third week in a row. I really love California. I met up with Danielle and we did some shopping. I bought these really cute flats. Danielle has a pair and loves them and she has me hooked! I love my new flats. However, I wore them yesterday and they kinda hurt my feet. It’s probably because they’re new and I just need to break them in. At least, that is what I’m hoping. Danielle and I met Laura for dinner at one of their favorite L.A. restaurants. It was so much fun and Laura absolutely sweet and adorable.

My friend, Lindsay, and I just ordered T*ri Spelling's new book, sTori Telling. I'm looking forward to reading it and discussing it with Lindsay. I know what you might be thinking, "Surely, you have better things to do." He He. You're right, but this will be my guilty pleasure for the time being.


Laura said...

My Tory Burch ballet flats hurt my feet the first couple times i wore them too and now they are like bedroom slippers. I swear, you just have to break them in!

p.s. Thanks & you are absolutely sweet & adorable too!

Kate said...

I am so sad I missed the dinner :( Glad you girls had a great time though!

Jules said...

Cute shoes. My friend Susie read that book and loved it.

penny lane said...

i love mine. i have 3 pairs - you just have to get passed the pain.
thanks for the well-wishes. it hurts but i just try and forget about it.