Weekend Update

Lindsay and I are hosting a lingerie shower for our friend, Jana, at the end of September. Lindsay’s husband, John, has volunteered to cook dinner for all the girls the night of the shower. How sweet… he always spoils us! Saturday night John wanted to have a “trial run” with the dinner menu and wine parings. John is the BEST chef! He made a really great dinner... gourment salad with a shrimp skewer, almond crusted chicken, grilled asparagus, and wild rice pilaf. John even “plated” the food like a real restaurant but better!

Top Chef

Yumm... and so Pretty

Me, Caroline, and Lindsay (Linds and I are not sisters...he he)

Lindsay is one lucky girl. John also makes the BEST Frozen Hot Chocolate. You may have heard about the Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendip*ty in NYC. Well, my friends and I waited 2 hours to have lunch at Serendip*ty and order the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate for dessert. I was completely disappointed; I had already had John’s version of Frozen Hot Chocolate. Serendip*ty’s tasted like melted chocolate ice cream. John’s Frozen Hot Chocolate is a million times better!!! Maybe he’ll give me his recipe and I’ll post it.



Jarrett said...

Frozen hot chocolate? Is that like hot ice cream? That sounds good!

Maria said...

Love the frozen hot chocolate!! Wish we were there now.

John said...

Had lots of fun Saturday... glad you liked everything! Thanks for all the compliments. Check your email and I'll send the recipe for the frozen hot chocolate.

Kate said...

You girls do look like sisters!

Sounds so yummy :) I went to Serendipity once and the wait was over 2 hours. In the cold. We left.

Amy said...

ooo - I would love to have that recipe and for anything that he cooks (lol) because his food looks so good!

Janet said...

Wow! John is so talented. Lindsay and Caroline are beautiful. What a lovely family. They are all such good friends to have.
Love, Mom

jana said...

Aww, I'm sad I didn't get to have dinner with you guys. I miss you and I love John's cooking! He's the best. Guess I'll taste it in September. Looks like you guys had a blast and the plate is beautiful!