Weekend Update

Our “Girl’s Nights” are so tame; you might get bored reading this. :0) I’m SO glad I have friends who don’t like to party. Saturday night was our monthly “Girl’s Night,” Amy and I went accessory shopping for her home. We picked up some great deals at Home Goods. After 3 hours in Home Goods we had dinner! Wow… we’re fun. It really was fun!

My sister and her husband are taking a week vacation to Hawaii at the end of September. I’m so excited, while they’re gone I get to baby sit my niece, Daisy. She’s such a love bug!!! I had to buy her a new dress for our fun week together, check it out.

Shopping!!! I love Home Goods.


Daisy's New Dress~ She love Hello Kitty

The Love Bug and Me

Poor Daisy~ This is what she does when Jenn and Ryan take out their suitcases. She wants to go too!


John C. said...

Daisy is so cute. How does Jennifer keep her beard so white?

jana said...

I can't wait for you to post pictures of Daisy in her dress!! Can I come play with her when you babysit?

Jill said...

John~ I think it's so sweet that you read my blog. You and my brother are the only guys that do. Daisy's beard area usually stays white. They feed her dry food and NO table food, which is nice b/c she doesn't sit at our feet and beg for food when we're eating. If she's been playing outside, sometimes she'll have grass in it. The biggest problem with her fur is around her eyes. Maltese have tear stains. You can buy treatments for it but Jenn is so busy traveling she usually doesn't have time to treat the fur around her eyes. So, they keep the tear stained area trimmed. It also keeps her fur out of her eyes. It's so funny to see her without her hair up. It's in her face and she can't see.

Jana~ I will be babysitting in SA. I'm working there that week. Jenn and Ryan AND my parents will be in Hawaii. They planned their trips separate, not knowing the other was planning too. I don't think they'll have a chance to see each other while they're in Hawaii. Jenn and Ryan are flying and my parents are taking a cruise. BUT.... since I'll be there at the house by myself you can come visit and play with the love bug. :)

Chris and Deb said...

I love Homegoods too! :)

Daisy is going to look smashing in her new dress! :)

Amanda said...

That last photo is so cute!
Thanks for the early birthday wishes. I'm sure we'll have fun at Disney - I used to take her there all the time! Neither of us have been in the last few months, so it should be great!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

What a sweet auntie you are buying Daisy a new dress. In Lindy's referral picture she was wearing Hello Kitty...Lately, she's begun recognizing it when we're out but she says, "Mom. There's Hello Kitty Cat."

Us CofC girls have pretty "boring" Girl's Nights but we wouldn't want them any other way, right? :o) BTDT!

I've been wanting some apothecary jars like your friend picked up. Soon...

Hope all is well!


PS-Lindy loves your twirly skirt on your profile picture.

Lori said...

I think you should join Daisy in that suitcase and go to Hawaii!! :)

Barrington said...

OMGosh! That pup in the suitcase is adorable! I had a toy poodle that would panic when I pulled out the suitcase but he never did that. So cute.

What a beautiful blog you have and such a sweet young lady! I am really happy to meet you! Hope you are having a great day!!
Sharon (and Bailey)

PS Please feel free to let me know any thng about SWI's that you can think of!!

Jules said...

OMG Daisy is so cute in that suitcase! My dog's name is Daisy too.

And shopping and dinner sure sound fun to me!

Janet said...

Little does Daisy know that while Mom and Dad are gone, she's going to have alot of fun.
Love, Mom