My Bubble

Last week I was on a 3 hour flight from Houston to Orange County. I was so happy because I had been upgraded to first class. I was looking forward to a good dinner, a movie, and possibly a nice nap. The dinner was good, the movie was dumb, and so I decided to take a nap. My nap was interrupted several times by “man noises.” I have defined “man noises” as snoring, loud coughing, clearing the throat, groaning, mumbling, loud yawns followed by a long sigh… I think you get the idea.

There was an attractive, young (married) guy sitting next to me. After my lovely dinner I dozed off. I suddenly woke up to a loud “man noise.” I actually jumped because it scared me. I wondered if he noticed that it scared me. The guy next to me was clearing his throat combined with moaning. I fell asleep again and again and again but it never lasted long… “man noises” from my neighbor. Y’all I just don’t get it…. What's the point in being so loud?

On another business trip this year, I was sound asleep in my hotel room. I woke up in the middle of the night to another “man noise.” This time it scared me to death! I jumped out of the bed and turned on the lights; my heart was racing. I could hear a man snoring. It was so loud that for a second I thought he was in my room. Thank goodness he wasn’t in my room but he was in the room next door!!! I’m a heavy sleeper, so for anything to wake me in the middle of the night~ that’s some loud snoring.

I’m starting to realize that I live in a “Girly-Girl Bubble.” I have been living by myself for a long time. During that time, I have created my own little Girly-Girl world. Here are some examples…

I had a room in my apartment painted pink and transformed it into a closet.

My DVR is set to record Days of Our Lives, Oprah, The Hills, Home Cooking with Paula Deen, The Girls Next Door, Lipstick Jungle, The Bachelor, Desperate Housewives… you get the picture.
I only watch Girly movies. I'm not entertained by anything scary, violent, graphic, or gross...I’ll have nightmares. I’m extreme on this one. For instance, I had heard from several girlfriends that the movie Chronicles of Narnia was good and not boyish or gross. Well, I tried to watch it on a flight to CA a couple of weeks ago, I just couldn’t do it. As soon as I saw a yucky creature, I took off my headphones and read my book, sTori Telling by T*ri Spelling.

If I’m about to have a car wreck or I stub my toe I yell, “Mommy!” It’s a much nicer thing to say than a bad word. Another nice thing to yell is, “Nelly” or “Oh my Lanta.”

I have the Hello Kitty toaster and waffle iron. I really, really want the HK sandwich maker but I can’t seem to find it. Note: my house is not decorated in HK, just 2 appliances and an apron.

I don’t like to sweat, play sports, or watch sports. When I was in school my least favorite class was gym class. The gym teacher thought it would be fun to have a volleyball week. Oh~ great idea! When the volleyball would come to my way, I would dodge it. Hmm… wrong game. The gym teacher would yell, “What’s wrong are you scared of the ball?” Yes, I actually am scared of the ball, thankyouverymuch. I was embarrassed so the next time the ball came my way I hit it… OUCH! Why would anyone do that to their poor hands?

I take the vacations that I want to take~ working with babies and children in a China orphanage, girly Broadway shows and shopping NYC, San Diego for a "Girl Weekend," Savannah, GA to meet P*ula Deen. Note: Didn't get to meet P*ula but I did meet B*bby.

If I see a bug I will scream extremely loud, dance around, and whine like a baby. I learned this from my mom.

My dream home is a pink Victorian house with a white wrap around porch and white trim.

I really, really want to get married someday and adopt from China. I know I might have to compromise on some of my girly ways. I'm not sure if a man wants to live in a pink house, watch Days of Our Lives, while eating a Hello Kitty sandwhich???? So until I'm married, I’m just going to enjoy my Girly-Girl Bubble.


More Beijing, More Antiques said...

What a lovely girl:)

Firstly, I feel jealous on you, that I haven't been upgraded to first class yet:(

Secondly, I love sports and hello kitty*^_^*

Trirdly, you are going to Beijing soon?? Let me show you a real Beijing:)

If you need any help on travel in Beijing ,just ask me please~~

Amy said...

Oh My Lanta! I have laughed so much throughout this post! A lot of this stuff I already knew about but to read about it again was so funny. But I have to agree with you on the scary / gross movies. I can't even stand to watch the commercials advertising them - I switch channels really quick or I will have nightmares. lol

Sharon said...

I know just how you feel and when the time comes, and it will, you will be able to comprimise. I never did get my all pink Christmas tree!!

amazeingteacher said...

Girl, we should really take one of those girl vacations together! I'm right there with you on this stuff! I have a pink Kitchen Aid hand mixer and would like to have more pink appliances as well. Love the pink house! I have pictures of them too! Many years ago I spent too much money collecting pink Christmas ornaments every year in hopes of having a pink Christmas tree. I finally sold most of them as a pink tree just didn't fit into our house (I live with my mom). Here's to a fun weekend without any 'man noises' to interrupt you!!

Kate said...

I can't believe you could hear the snoring in another room!

I am ready to move into that house!

Danielle said...

Crazy people out there. That happened to me at the Apple store a few weeks ago. This man made this gross noise. Again and again. And again. Loud, crass...I kept moving away. Ick.

Well, for the most part, we enjoy the same movies. You know how I love the holiday starring Cameron Diaz, While you were Sleeping, Father of the Bride...

I do also love Pulp Fiction, Blow, and Kill Bill.

And really, who doesn't love cute pink kitchen appliances and accessories. I have a pink linen ruffle apron and a flowery ruffled one too. And I said I didn't do ruffles ;)

Talk to you soon!

Amy C said...

You wouldn't be you without that girly bubble!! That's why I love you!

Jill said...

LOVE the "girly bubble"! We (well, okay me) also love Hello Kitty and The Hills! Trust me when I tell you that you could get married, adopt from China, and still have that cool bubble you love! You may however, have to put up with that man noise.......LOL!

Jules said...

This post made me laugh a lot. I am the exact opposite of you in many ways as I was quite a little tom boy as a young girl and loved to play sports and make forts in the woods.

But I do hate scary movies. And man noises. And bugs.

And I love pink. So much so that my wedding dress was pink. So there's that.

Anyway, while I am not entirely a girly girl (but I do love make-up and am a product junkie), I appreciate many girly things which include you. You sound like you're very cute and sweet.

Amy C said...

Jill...how dare you say another SEC team kicks butt....BAMA kicks butt :-) Are you going to come watch another game with us? Tomorrow is the first one and I have a table reserved at Fox and the Hound...I am so excited! You can come if you want...it's at 7 pm. No plans for Labor Day except maybe swimming at Karen's and chilling...what are you doing? What night do you want to do girls night...do you have your schedule yet?

Lori said...

I love your girly girl bubble and think you should enjoy every minute if it! I think there are many guys out there that would love Hello Kitty waffles and sandwiches made by you, especially the right man...preferably one that doesn't make "man noises"! They are out there...I found one! :)