An Award... How Exciting!

Kate from Nautical by Nature gave me the Diamond Blogger Award. Thank you so much Kate! I’ve been blogging for less than a year and I’ve “met” some of the sweetest, most inspirational people.

These are some of my favorite blogs and I would like to pass along the Diamond Blogger Award to…

La Di Dah~ Danielle and I met Laura a few weeks ago in L.A. for dinner. Laura is the all-American girl. She’s super sweet and super cute.

My Amazeing Journey~ I love Amy’s blog for many reasons… she is SO real, she is a wonderful Christian, and she’s adopting a baby from China as a single mother. I admire her strength and courage.

Pearls and Grace~ my mom found this blog and immediately called me and told me I had to save it as a favorite. Oh my… if you need encouragement check out Pearls and Grace. It is beautiful~ the words, the photos, everything.

Little Bits of Lindy~ God gave Lisa the gift of encouraging words. Lisa always knows exactly what to say and how to say it. She is such an inspiration!

And Bai-Li Make 3~ my dream is to adopt from China someday. I have learned so much about adoption through bloggers~ the terminology, the process, the attachment. One of my favorite adoption blogs is And Bai-Li Makes 3. Sharon is such a sweet, nurturing mother and Bailey is precious. It’s been so fun, interesting, and inspiring watching their journey to sweet Bailey.


Barrington said...

Jill!! Thank you so much. I am very honored to be 'viewed' by you. You actually look like hero material to me and if I could have only been half so wonderful and lovely at your age as you are there is no telling...well, I think you are going to change the world just be being you.

You made my whole month!!!!
God Bless you Sweetheart!!!

Sharon said...

I see my son Barrington has borrowed my computer again. sorry! That is me...

amazeingteacher said...

Thanks Jill, you are so cute! When are you coming to Nashville? We have to meet some day! Diamonds are a girls best friend!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Jill~

Thanks so much for awarding me with a gem of an award. That was so sweet of you and a true surprise.

I appreciate your kind-hearted spirit! The fruits of the spirit are blossoming in you!

Keep shining your light!

Hugs & blessings~

Sharon said...

Sorry to be clogging up your comment section but I wanted to ask if it was okay that I put your address in my link list. Hope you have a great weekend. And I am still excited that I got an award and by someone as wonderful as you!!

Pearls and Grace said...


How thoughtful of you! Thank you so much for
including me in such a wonderful award and for your
very kind words! What a wonderful and uplifting surprise! May you be blessed beyond measure for all of the goodness that you are passing along to so many others!

Big Hug!