Fabulous Pets

The Fabulous Friday theme for this week from Well That’s Just Fabulous is “Fabulous Pets.”

Are you sitting down? Brace yourself, please… I don’t like pets at all. I have no time. I think they're a little dirty, high maintenance, and expensive. Sorry!

Remember that travel etiquette book I wanted to write??? I’ve got a few things to say about pets too but I won’t go there (today).

However, there is one dog in the world I love, Daisy. Daisy is my sister’s dog and my niece. She is groomed often so she’s pretty clean. Daisy likes to cuddle and dress-up. She has a great wardrobe, including a snazzy bikini. Daisy wears the bikini when they go to the lake house. Too funny! Some people have told me it’s mean to dress a dog in clothes, costumes, and swimwear. Jenn keeps Daisy’s clothes in a plastic bin in the hall closet. When she pulls it out, Daisy goes wild. She jumps around the bin. When Jenn opens the bin she jumps up and grabs her favorite outfits with her teeth. She loves it. If Daisy didn't like it she would run. I know this because growing up we had a Lhasa Apso. My mom would spray him with designer perfume. He hated it; he ran, she chased him with the perfume bottle. It was really funny and he smelled really good.

At one rare time I thought about getting a Maltese because I love Daisy but not for now. Maybe someday when I have time to train a dog properly, clean dog hair, and clean pee and poop. Until then, I'll love Daisy.

~Daisy's Halloween Photo Shoot~


Danielle said...

I totally understand. I LOVE cats but am not in to dogs. My dog is cute, but the whole needy expensive thing stinks. I do love him, but honestly, it took some time. You've met him though and he's not so bad, right?

He gets points for being laid back.

The pics of Daisy are too cute. Thanks for playing along.

You should write the dog etiquette post ;)

Talk soon,


yours truly... said...

I love this fabulous Friday!!! Daisy is too precious!!!!!!!

AmyT said...

Happy Fab Friday!!! I understand I'm not really a "pet" person.....it's not that I don't like them, they just aren't for me, I know I don't have time - having 3 kiddos, and I don't want to ignore my pets.....it wouldn't be fair. My kiddos however LOVE them, and want them....but we have allergy problems - soooooo! At any rate...I hope you have a fab weekend!!!

Angie said...

Daisy is so cute!! We have a dog named Daisy, she is a yorkie-poo. My husband loves little dogs so we have 3 of them! I am so not a dog person, but ours are pretty cute :)
Have a good weekend!

Jules said...

Daisy is adorable and I love the first Halloween pic. I would love to see her in a bikini. Too cute!

Happy Friday!

jlc said...

That Pumpkin pic is PRICELESS!!

Awww Daisy truly is a fabulous pet. :D

Woman Interrupted said...

No judging here. I'm not an animal person either. Which doesn't mean I hate them, I'm just neutral. (Even with my husband's dog, Buster.)

I try to be nice when I know someone loves their pet like a child, but I would never kiss an animal on the mouth or have one in my bed.

Daisy is precious!

Amy said...

I think that is a way cute dog. She gets her own clothes?

Angela said...

What? You don't like pets?? We can't be friends anymore...haha, just kidding! I really only like my pets and that's about it! I get annoyed with other people and their rowdy animals!

midnight macaroons said...

That pumpkin picture is killing me. She's so stink'n cute. That's hilarious that your mom use to spray down the dog with perfume. My in-laws back in Louisiana live next door to Cajuns. Ms. Nina Sue free breezes her dog, Sissy. He's a little wiener dog. He growls and bites the air when she does it. I have to admit, Sissy has gotten a bit crunchy over the years

Jules said...

P.S. I left you an award/tag! Have a great weekend :)

Abbi said...

aw...sooo cute!! i love the pics!!! we don't have a pet but when kennedy gets a little older we're goin to get a dog! she LOVES dogs!!!

Petunia said...

That is one cute dog! I'm with you on the pets-are-dirty thing. My little Bichon--who was a fabulous and intelligent dog-- passed away last year at 15 years old and I am in no rush to get a new puppy. The house looks and smells so clean and I like that!

Shoshanah said...

I'm not big on pets either. I think part of it is being raised always having pets and having to deal with always having fur on everything, and then there was the year a cat decided she needed to pee on my Halloween candy. While sometimes pets CAN be fun, like with Daisy for you. But I'm not planning on having pets of my own anytime soon.