Happy Thursday!

I almost titled this post, “Happy Friday.” Since I arrived home last Saturday morning at 1:00 AM and left again on Sunday, Thursday feels like a Friday.

Happy Birthday~

Today, Thursday September 17, is Danielle’s Birthday. Stop by her blog and wish her a Happy Day!

Happy Birthday, Danielle!

New Blog~

My friend Gigi has started a cooking blog, Gigi’s Kitchen. You must check it out! Gigi lived in New Orleans and has the BEST recipes. Gigi is the friend that introduced me the Olive Oils from California Olive Ranch. I’m loving her cooking blog. Gigi’s recipes bring back so many memories. My family is originally from Louisiana. I remember Sundays after church having lunch at my Mawmaw’s house; no matter what was served we had dirty rice. Now that's a Cajun!

Check out Gigi's most recent recipes for Blacken Catfish over Dirty Rice, Southern Pecan Pie, and Jambalaya. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Gigi's recipes are the perfect fall comfort food.

Television Issue in Hotel Rooms~

My hotel left a survey in my room tonight. If I fill out the survey, I’ll receive 1,000 extra Marriott points… very important. One of the questions asked on the survey was, “What could we do to improve your experience at this property?” My heart skipped a beat! I wrote, “Please add all the television channels to your TV line-up. Currently the line-up offers the basics, news, and sports. My experience at this hotel would be greatly improved if you offered… Bravo, Lifetime, Soap, Style, etc...” I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Danielle said...

Awww. Thanks for the birthday wishes. So so sweet.

They really need to add all your channels for you. And if they do, your name should be credited somewhere.

Maybe they could give you some sort of plaque! Fancy!


Angie said...

I will check out that new blog, I love trying new recipies! I agree with you, hotel rooms do need ALL the channels!!
Have a great weekend!

Rachel H. said...

That would be great if they added to the TV lineup and cute pink TV! Ha-Ha! :)

Suburban Princess said...

Yes, hotels need more tv channels!!! Maybe they will listen to you!

AmyT said...

you go girl...maybe they will do it!!!!!!

In this wonderful life... said...

YAY for birthdays!!! I can't wait to check out Gigi's blog!

midnight macaroons said...

You are soooo sweet, girl! Thank you for such a great post on my new cooking blog. I have about a million recipes that I can't wait to post. I have some favorite holiday recipes too that I think you'll like.

Jill, you are such a good friend. I just love ya!

Jules said...

It would be nice to get those channels along with a pink flat screen ;)

That's great that you get those extra points just for filling out the survey. I take any chance I can get at earning them!