This morning before we headed to the Foster Home we made a couple stops. First we went to the Lunar Market. The Lunar Market is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It was very interesting. They were selling veggies, fruit, and meats but Chinese style. The merchants spread a blanket on the dirt ground and display their merchandise. The meat is usually on sitting on a table, uncovered. If you request super fresh meat, they will slaughter something in front of you. Luckily, we didn't see anything of the sort. We weren't allowed to take photos at the Lunar Market.

Next we took a tour of a factory where they make picture frames, magnets, and figurines. It was really interesting. It's unbelievable how much work goes into everything we buy.

At the Foster Home the kids were having "Pre-school." Today they learned about the different vegetables. Next the staff cut bell peppers in half and the kids used the peppers as stamps for painting. It was a creative idea. You can purchase bell peppers in China for about .10, so the project wasn't as wasteful as it sounds.

After painting the kids practiced using chopsticks. I thought it was adorable! First, they practiced with jelly beans. We ran out of jelly beans pretty fast! They also practiced with dry beans, little wooden letters, and colorful beads. They used baby chopsticks and the real chopsticks.

After lunch we had "English Class." Olivia and I had class in the play kitchen. She really cracks me up. She "made" pizza, ice cream, and soup but she called everything a pickle.
Isn't their play food adorable? Soy Sauce, Rice, and Sushi.


Janet said...

The kids are sooo cute. They have such a nice variety of activities. I wish we could hear the sounds.
Love, Mom

Laurie said...

LOVE the new pictures, Jill! I'm going to copy the bell pepper activity- how fun! Glad you're having a great time- I'm sure the kids are too!

Blogs by Danielle said...

So cute that she called everything a pickle :)

Have a safe trip home. I know you're going to be tired and you have a million people to call when you get back. If you're on China time you know I'm up late so call me.


Amy said...

Who knew you could use a bell pepper as a stamp - so creative. And I never thought about kids having to learn how to use their chopsticks. They are too cute! Thanks for all of these post - it's so great to see everything from your point of view.

Heather said...

That is so funny that she called everything a pickle. Ha.

Lori said...

Jill, these pictures are so, SO sweet!!! Each of these children are just so precious and I'm sure words can't even describe what it's like to have time with them. I'm sure it's such a complete joy to have you and others be there to help them and play and laugh with them. :)
Their play food is adorable, I will have to add that to my "China shopping list"!! That particular orphanage seems to have some wonderful and varied activities.
Also, these pictures are beautiful, you are doing a great job capturing China and your time spent there!!!

3 Peanuts said...


I am captivated by the images and by your experiences in China! I cannot believe you were able to get a photo of Sara.s daughter. That is incredible. It really is a small world. You have given hope to a lot of adoptive Mommies out there and a lifetime gift to all of those children.

Have safe trip home. You have done an amazing thing, Jill!