Yesterday morning I went into Beijing with Carrie, Jacob, and the Foster Home Nurse. Carrie has been really sick with pneumonia and she needed to see the doctor. I needed to exchange money so it worked out perfect.

Poor Carrie, the hospital in Beijing felt more like a dirty train station than a hospital. When the driver pulled up to the front door there was a group of doctors outside smoking... nice! Carrie is doing much better; she needs a few more IV's and a few days of rest. After the hospital and exchanging money we went to McDonalds. It very exciting to eat at McDonalds in China. I never eat at McDonalds at home. In fact, the last time I ate a McDonalds was 2 years ago in China.

I spent the afternoon at the Foster Home with the babies. I found out Gracie has a small hole in her heart and it can probably be repaired with one surgery. She is adorable. Gracie doesn't really cry; she coes. It's so sweet. I hope my baby coes someday vs. crying. :)




I had dinner with a couple of people who work at the Foster Home and Jacob (Carrie couldn't get out; I miss her). The locals call the restaurant the "BBQ Place." Of course, it wasn't traditional American BBQ; it was Chinese BBQ. It was really good... grilled chicken and lamb, grilled bread, and veggies with a side of hot peanuts. During dinner I almost jumped out of my chair... there was a cat under the table. I shouldn't be surprised; I saw this a lot on my last trip to China.

After dinner Carrie took me to get a "Dry Wash." It's one of the best things that has ever happened to me. :) The "salon" is about a 1 minute walk from Jacob and Carrie's apartment. A sweet lady washes your hair and gives you a 30 minute head and shoulder massage. The trick is she adds the shampoo to your hair while it's dry. She has small bottle of water and adds it as needed. It was the BEST head massage I've ever had and it was only about $2.50. I'm going back tonight.

Today is the field trip.... so excited. The field trips were my favortie part of my last trip. I'll definitely take more photos today.
Update~ I wrote this post this morning but the power went out and I wasn't able to publish it. The power was out from 5:45 AM- 6:00 PM. I ask why and the answer was, "because this is China." He He. Today we went on the field trip and it was SO fun. I'll post more later.


Amy said...

These babies are SO precious!!!! I am so glad that you are there with them and having fun. What an experience! Makes me wish that I could be there with you loving on them.

Heather said...

The babies are soooo cute!

Amy C said...

I love hearing what you're doing!! You look so pretty in the picture with Cameron! What did you eat at McDonalds...was it good? Miss you!

Jarrett said...

Cameron is a cute kid. Is he healthy?

Danielle said...

These babies are GORGEOUS, and I have you say that I love that photo of you. You look pretty gorgeous yourself, birthday girl :)

I cannot get over these gorgeous babies.

Miss you!

sara said...

I am definitely interested in a "dry wash"!! Maybe in a few weeks when I am in Beijing myself!

Janet said...

The babies are really cute!! How old are they? You look so nice in that picture.
Love, Mom

Kate said...

What sweet little babies :)